Zarin, a woman from Goa living in the United Kingdom, had been experiencing severe lower back and leg pain for the past three years. She visited many doctors in India and the UK and took regular medication but could not find any relief from her pain. Upon discussing her condition with her relatives, they recommended visiting Dr. Ravi in Belagavi.


Zarin's chronic pain affected her daily life, causing immense discomfort. Despite seeing multiple doctors and taking medications, her condition remained unchanged, leading to frustration and helplessness. She needed a practical solution that would provide her with long-lasting pain relief.


Zarin was experiencing severe pain in her lower back and legs, affecting her mobility and quality of life. The constant pain made it difficult for her to perform daily activities. She also experienced swelling, tingling sensation, and numbness in her legs, making it difficult to stand or walk for extended periods.


Dr. Ravi diagnosed Zarin's condition and recommended Neuro Modulation therapy. Neuro Modulation therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves implanting a device in the patient's body to deliver electrical impulses to the nerves that cause pain. The therapy helps reduce pain signals to the brain, providing long-lasting pain relief to the patient. In Zarin's case, the procedure took around 4 hours in one sitting.


After undergoing Neuro Modulation therapy, Zarin experienced significant pain relief. In the first sitting, she felt a 50% reduction in her pain, which gave her hope for a complete recovery. Dr. Ravi advised her to continue Physiotherapy followed by Yoga to have a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime for better results.


Chronic pain can significantly impact a person's quality of life and require adequate treatment for lasting relief. Dr. Ravi and his team at KLE hospital provided an effective solution to Zarin's pain with Neuro Modulation therapy. Therefore, patients suffering from chronic pain should maintain hope and seek medical attention to find an effective solution. Patients can regain their everyday life and live pain-free with the correct diagnosis and treatment.