Our Story

Our story begins with a singular objective of delivering effective pain relief without relying on surgeries. Dr Ravi Kerur, an experienced pain specialist, founded Kerur Pain Clinic. He combines modern and advanced techniques with his wealth of experience to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient. His compassionate approach ensures patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their journey. As a result, Dr Ravi and his team have become a ray of hope for those experiencing chronic pain and other various types of pain. They provide effective treatments that bring the possibility of living a pain-free life, making the clinic a beacon of hope.


Dr. Ravi Kerur

Dr Ravi Kerur, a pain medicine expert at KLE hospital, Belagavi, embarked on a mission in 2015 to help patients with chronic pain. Dr Ravi believes in using non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques to treat pain and has introduced state-of-the-art methods in interventional pain management and regenerative medicine. Due to his proficiency in addressing diverse pain conditions, he has become a highly approachable pain medicine specialist in his field. Dr Ravi and his team provide compassionate and advanced patient-centric care, providing non-surgical treatments to help patients live pain-free life. At Kerur Pain Care Clinic, we guarantee a caring and pain-free journey towards a better quality of life.