Sudha, a 62-year-old woman from Belagavi, had been in terrible back pain for five years that no one could figure out why. The discomfort went from her neck to her lower back, making her very uncomfortable and hard to go about daily life. Despite visiting several doctors, her pain remained undiagnosed, and she was only prescribed general oral medications. Upon the recommendation of someone unknown to her, Sudha sought help at Kerur Pain Clinic. Dr Ravi diagnosed her condition and prescribed Trigger Point Injection Therapy.


Sudha's undiagnosed and unbearable back pain posed significant challenges for her. The pain persisted for five years, causing distress and hindering her ability to carry out daily activities comfortably. The lack of a precise diagnosis and effective treatment increased her frustration and discomfort.


Sudha's back hurt from her neck to her lower back, and it hurt a lot and didn't go away. The constant pain never disappeared, making it hard for her to move and lowering her quality of life. Even after seeing several doctors, her pain's exact cause remained unknown.


After consulting Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic, Sudha was prescribed Trigger Point Injection Therapy. Trigger point injection involves injecting medication directly into the trigger points of affected muscles to alleviate pain and tension.


Sudha underwent the prescribed Trigger Point Injection Therapy, and to her relief, she experienced 100% relief from her pain after the first sitting. The treatment effectively addressed her pain and discomfort, allowing her to live a happy and pain-free life. Sudha's quality of life improved significantly after finding the proper treatment at Kerur Pain Clinic.


Sudha's case highlights the importance of seeking specialised medical care when faced with undiagnosed and chronic pain conditions. The timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment provided by Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic resulted in Sudha's complete pain relief after years of suffering. Trigger Point Injection Therapy relieved her pain. This highlights how vital it is to find specific ways to treat pain that don't involve surgery if you want better results. This case study shows how personalised and advanced pain management methods can improve patients' quality of life and help them feel less pain.