Somalingesh, a 37-year-old farmer, suffered from stiff knees and severe knee pain. The pain was so intense that he couldn't move his left leg and could not sit comfortably. Upon hearing about Kerur Pain Clinic, he sought help from Dr. Ravi. After a thorough diagnosis, Dr Ravi recommended Ozone therapy treatment and Injection therapy to address his knee pain and stiffness.


Somalingesh's stiff knees and knee pain posed significant challenges for him, especially as a farmer who relied on his physical ability to work in the field. The pain and stiffness not only affected his mobility but also impacted his overall quality of life. He was unable to perform basic daily activities and experienced constant discomfort.


Somalingesh experienced stiffness and severe knee pain, particularly in the left leg. The pain made moving his left leg difficult, and he couldn't sit down without feeling extreme discomfort. The symptoms were indicative of a condition that required immediate attention and treatment.


Upon consulting with Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic, Somalingesh was recommended a combination of Ozone and Injection therapy. Ozone therapy involves injecting ozone gas into the affected area to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Injection therapy uses targeted injections of medication to alleviate pain and inflammation.


After undergoing Ozone therapy treatment and Injection therapy, Somalingesh experienced significant relief from his knee pain and stiffness. He regained the motion of his knee without feeling any pain, allowing him to move freely and comfortably. The treatments provided by Dr Ravi allowed Somalingesh to resume his farming activities and enjoy a better quality of life.


Somalingesh's case showcases the effectiveness of Ozone therapy treatment and Injection therapy in addressing severe knee pain and stiffness. These non-surgical treatment options provided by Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic proved successful in relieving Somalingesh's knee pain and restoring the motion in his knee. For individuals like Somalingesh who rely on their physical abilities for their livelihood, finding relief from pain and stiffness is crucial to regain their independence and quality of life. This case study emphasizes the importance of exploring advanced non-surgical pain management treatments to achieve positive outcomes in patients suffering from knee pain and other chronic pain conditions.