Santosh Kubusad, a 23-year-old male, had been suffering from pain in his right hand for the past two years, starting from his neck and extending to his little finger. He couldn't find any positive results despite visiting various hospitals and clinics for treatment. However, he came across Kerur Pain Clinic through a pamphlet and decided to consult Dr Ravi. After diagnosing Santosh, Dr Ravi identified that he was suffering from Cervical Radiculopathy and recommended trigger point injection and neuromodulation treatment.


Santosh's persistent pain in his right hand posed significant challenges for him. The pain was affecting his daily activities and causing discomfort and frustration. The inability to find relief from previous treatments led to hopelessness and uncertainty about the future.


Santosh experienced severe pain radiating from his neck to the little finger of his right hand. The pain was sharp and constant, making it difficult for him to perform simple tasks and even affecting his sleep and overall quality of life. His symptoms were characteristic of Cervical Radiculopathy, a condition caused by compression or irritation of the nerves in the neck.


After thorough evaluation and diagnosis, Dr Ravi identified Santosh's condition as Cervical Radiculopathy. He recommended a combination of trigger point injection and neuromodulation treatment to address the pain and provide relief. Trigger point injections involve injecting medication directly into the trigger points in the affected muscles to alleviate pain and tension. Neuromodulation treatment uses electrical impulses to target the nerves and block pain signals from reaching the brain.


After the first sitting of trigger point injection and neuromodulation treatment, Santosh experienced a significant reduction in his pain, bringing it down to 25%. This initial relief provided hope and motivation for further treatment. Throughout 3-4 more sittings, Santosh's pain decreased, reaching an impressive 80% reduction. The combined therapy effectively managed his condition and improved his quality of life.


Santosh's case illustrates the importance of accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans for chronic pain conditions like Cervical Radiculopathy. The comprehensive approach provided by Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic, incorporating trigger point injection and neuromodulation treatment, allowed Santosh to find relief from his persistent pain. The significant reduction in pain enabled Santosh to regain his ability to carry out daily activities and enjoy an improved quality of life. This case study highlights the positive outcomes that advanced non-surgical pain management treatments can achieve in patients suffering from chronic pain conditions.