Mahesh Pattar, a 50-year-old factory worker. After Herpes Zoster treatment, he had left forehead and head pain. He struggled to sleep, concentrate, and perform other daily tasks due to the agony. Upon a recommendation, he visited Kerur Pain Clinic and consulted Dr. Ravi. After a thorough diagnosis, Dr Ravi identified the condition as Post Herpetic Neuralgia and recommended Neuromodulation and injection therapy for pain relief.


Mahesh faced significant challenges due to the severe pain in his forehead and head. The persistent pain affected his sleep, concentration, and ability to perform daily activities. The discomfort and sleeplessness caused distress and hindered his productivity at work.


After getting Herpes Zoster, Mahesh had terrible pain on the left side of his face and head. It was difficult for him to concentrate on any activity or get sound sleep because of his terrible pain. These were the signs of Post Herpetic Neuralgia, a side effect of Herpes Zoster.


After diagnosing him with Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Dr Ravi recommended a combination of Neuromodulation and injectable therapy to ease Mahesh's discomfort. Neuromodulation therapy uses electrical impulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain. In contrast, injection therapy uses targeted medication injections to alleviate pain and inflammation.


After undergoing the first sitting of Neuromodulation and injection therapy, Mahesh experienced a 50% reduction in pain. This initial relief provided hope and motivation to continue with the treatment. In the second sitting, along with Neuromodulation, he received Trigger Point Injection therapy and oral medicine. The combined treatment proved highly effective, and Mahesh achieved complete pain relief, experiencing 100% improvement in his condition.


Mahesh's case exemplifies the significant impact of Post Herpetic Neuralgia on an individual's daily life. The severe pain caused distress and sleeplessness and hindered his ability to concentrate and perform everyday tasks. The non-surgical treatment approach provided by Dr Ravi at Kerur Pain Clinic, incorporating Neuromodulation and injection therapy, proved highly successful in providing relief and improving Mahesh's quality of life. This case study shows how quick and precise diagnosis and advanced non-surgical pain treatment can help Post Herpetic Neuralgia patients. Treatment can restore Mahesh's comfort, productivity, and well-being.