Devyani Kulkarni is a 58-year-old female at Canara Bank in Belagavi. She had been suffering from severe right leg pain, which affected her ability to sit for extended periods, causing difficulties at work. Her condition was so painful that she had to prepone her retirement from work. She had tried several medications recommended by various doctors but showed no significant improvement. Therefore, she was advised to check Kerur Pain Clinic by a friend.


Severe leg pain can be debilitating and significantly affect a person's quality of life. Devyani's condition impacted her work and forced her to prepone her retirement, causing distress and anxiety. In addition, her previous medications had not produced any noticeable improvements, leaving her with few options for relief.


Devyani Kulkarni was experiencing severe pain in her right leg, making it challenging to sit for extended periods. This pain had significantly impacted her ability to carry out her job and was causing discomfort and distress.


After consulting with Dr Ravi Kerur at Kerur Pain Clinic, Devyani was advised to undergo non-surgical treatments. The treatment plan included neuromodulation, dry needling, and injection therapy. Neuromodulation therapy uses a device that delivers electrical impulses to the nerves to relieve pain. Dry needling therapy involves inserting needles into the affected muscles' trigger points to relieve pain and tension. Injection therapy involves administering medications directly into the affected area to provide targeted pain relief.


Devyani underwent four sittings of the treatment recommended by Dr Ravi Kerur. The therapy helped relieve her pain and discomfort, and she could sit for extended periods without experiencing any pain. She could continue working without difficulty and did not have to postpone her retirement. The treatment helped improve her overall quality of life.


In conclusion, severe leg pain can significantly impact a person's quality of life and ability to carry out daily activities. However, with the correct diagnosis and treatment, managing the symptoms and improving the patient's quality of life is possible. Devyani Kulkarni's case is an excellent example of how non-surgical treatments such as neuromodulation therapy, dry needling therapy, and injection therapy can help alleviate pain and improve mobility without surgery. The remedy provided by Dr Ravi Kerur at Kerur Pain Clinic helped Devyani Kulkarni regain her ability to work and improved her overall quality of life.